RIP Bonnie.

So remember me talking about one of my moms best friends getting sick a while back?

They gave her like three months to live or something ridiculous like that.

She lasted a lot longer.  I’ve talked to mom a couple of times this month and she told me that Bonnie was in the hospital.  Something about her liver being attacked by this sickness.

I have not really let myself think about this because, well, it hasn’t happened yet.  She was sick, but still alive.  She had outlasted the time frame they gave her so it was okay.

Mom left me a couple of voicemails yesterday and the day before but I didn’t call her back.  I told Rob tonight that mom had called last night and he asked if I was going to call her back.  I said no.  I said that she was going to tell me Bonnie was dead and I didn’t want to hear it.

A few minutes later I shut off my phone because I left the charger at work and I didn’t want to waste the battery.

Rob and I watched Talk Soup and then he headed downstairs to play his guitar.  A few minutes later he came up holding his phone.  He had it on mute.  He said: “I made the mistake of answering your moms call, and it is about Bonnie and I don’t know what you want me to do.”

I took the call.

Bonnie died tonight in Jeanne’s arms at the hospital.

Mom said that Rob had tried to shield me from the call.  Heh.  He asked her if it was about Bonnie and she said yes and she said he asked several times if it was a message he could relay and she said no.  We cried and talked.  She said that she was surprised that I cried.  She said she promised Rob she wouldn’t make me cry.  I told her that the only constants I had while growing up where mom, Jeanne and Bonnie.

As I type this now I’m kinda numb.  I had a good cry after I got off the phone with mom and I still don’t really believe it.

The one thing you have to understand is that Bonnie was such a pure and innocent soul.  She was so very naive and only thought the best in people.  The only thing I can think of is that God needed such an angel as she was.  I have to believe that or I will start to get very bitter as to why someone would strike down such a pure heart.

Goodnight sweet Bonnie.  You will be missed by all the hearts you touched in your young life.  I love you.

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