Verrrry Interesting

So everyone that can read this should already know that I hate my father and his wife and haven’t had contact with them for many many years.

Occasionally I will do a google search on my old man to see if he is still breathing or if I find an obituary. Yesterday I did just that. I then did a white pages search under his real name and found nothing.  Strange, it used to always come up under his name. So I did a search for the stepmonster and came up with the NH address I last had for them. That was even weirder. It had never been in her name before.

Curious, I did a search by his first two initials which is how our phone was listed when I was a kid and look, there he is, listed in a completely different city in NH as her. Hmmm.

You may think this is coincidence but NH is very small and the likelihood that there is another person in that state that lists themselves like my father does is slim to none.  So I am forced to ponder(somewhat giddily, I might add) if they have divorced. Oh happy day that they should both be miserable and alone. Yes I am fully aware how horrible that sounds but do not judge me until you have walked a mile in my childhood/adolescent shoes okay?

I suppose I will never know because it’s not like I can call him up after all this time and say: “So Dad, did you cheat on the old bag like you did mom or did you just get sick of being her whipping boy?”

…but I sure can’t wait to tell my mom my theory!!

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