I haven’t really hung out with any of my theater friends since 9 to 5 wrapped.

I was having a lot of issues towards the end of that run and I was glad to bid theater ado.  It wasn’t theater’s fault it was mine and I just was done dealing with people in general.

I haven’t auditioned for anything since either.

There is a play currently running that stars a bunch of my favorite people and yet I have been putting off seeing it.  Twice I have made plans and then backed out on them.  I even tried to tonight but my husband was having none of that.  I thank him for that.

We went to the show tonight and I felt back at home.  Whatever issues I was having during 9 to 5 with my personal life have been resolved and I miss my theater family.  Maybe that is the reason itself that I wanted to avoid going. I am always wary of opening up and letting people in my life.

I consider the director of this show one of my closest friends and I hadn’t seen her in months.  The mere minutes that we were able to hang out before the show and during intermission felt like home.  At the end of the show I was able to hug and hold and talk to, no matter how briefly, the actors that I have come to love and respect and it felt good, and yet hurt at the same time.

I need to stop hiding.  I need to embrace my friends again and not care that it means I will have less time to sit on my couch and disconnect with my own reality.

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