Weekend at Ak-Chin

We just got back from Harrah’s Ak-Chin casino resort.  We got there once and a while when the price is right.  It’s only about a half an hour away from house and it quells our Vegas urges for a little bit.  When we called to reserve our room we requested a smoking room but we were told the only smoking rooms they had available were two queen beds.  Being the die-hard smokers that we are we accepted it. When we got to the property and were checking in, the lovely desk clerk told us that she could upgrade us to a non-smoking pool side  king room and we could smoke on the patio.  Sounded okay with us.  We have a queen bed at home so anytime we can sleep on a king in a hotel we prefer it.  When we got to the room it was much bigger than the rooms we have had the last two times we visited.  How funny is it that I never get upgraded in Vegas but I do at the Indian casino?

It was a nice little break.  Rob has been extremely busy at his work as they are starting up the summer courses and he has limited time to get everything done.  He really needed this.

The thing we discovered about the Indian casinos around here is that the slots don’t loosen up until around one or two in the morning. That is also when people finally leave so you can actually find a spot to play.  Since we got there around nine or so, we putted around the room for awhile just to kill time. We had rented some DVD’s for the portable DVD player so we watched “The Others”.  Neither of us had seen it.  Rob was of course critical of some of the inconsistencies of the movie but overall we really liked it.  I had heard it had a surprise ending, and when you hear something like that you of course watch extra close and think you know what it’s going to be.  It wasn’t what we thought at all.  I won’t say anymore about it in case you haven’t seen it before, but it’s definitely worth renting.

By the time the movie was done it was time to go down to the casino. We didn’t win, but we had fun.

Saturday was spent watching TV and using the TV internet system.  Which was a joke.  The tagline on it said: “surf the net at WARP SPEED!” It was more like warped speed. It was just very lame.  There is a reason webtv never caught on.

We discovered our room upgrade wasn’t as great as we thought.  Our room was great, but we didn’t get as good of a room as the people above us.  Apparently they got the room with the trampoline, or at least that is how it sounded. We woke up to it in the afternoon and it went on for hours.

We intended to go to bed fairly early on Saturday night but the Black Jack machines were calling Rob’s name.  He didn’t end up coming back until around two in the morning.  Needless to say, it was very difficult for us to wake up this morning for check out.  As a result when we got back to the house(after giving the dog some much needed affection) we took an hour and a half long nap.

So here I sit, waiting for the WWE pay per view with the dog at my feet just waiting for me to drop one of my Bugles.

We didn’t do much gambling this weekend but it was nice just to sit in the hotel room, get room service, swim in their gorgeous pool, watch DVD’s(we also rented Rosemary’s Baby and Hedwig and the Angry Inch but haven’t finished watching them), and just basically be out of the house but still be lazy.

It was a nice weekend but as usual I am glad to be home to my own bed and my loving(if disturbed) doggie.

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